K-Beauty Serum | Product Reco

I was looking for an effective serum that could treat my surface dehydration and heard SO many good things about this K-beauty @klairs.global serum. I am a new to the brand and decided to learn a little more about there story.

Klairs formulas are simple and don’t contain unnecessary colorants, alcohol, parabens, artificial fragrances or fragrance in general. They look to create skincare that safe for sensitive skin that’s mild but powerful. They also don’t test on animals.
I use this serum after I cleanse and tone both in the morning and night. I’ve noticed less tightness throughout my forehead/cheeks which were previously on the drier side. This serum has organic celery, carrot root, and broccoli extract that help replenish moisture levels.

Overall, it’s cooling and soothing which would be great for dry, sensitive, or even breakout prone skin.