Skincare Results | The 101

I LOVE this question because it’s something I wanted to know so badly as I got really invested into skincare education and my skin regimen. Also, I’m pretty impatient and honestly need to see results quickly for me to repurchase/recommend a product etc.

•AHA-Glycolic, lactic etc.—> Right away - peaks at 12 weeks
•BHA- Salicylic Acid—> Right away - peaks at 12 weeks
•OTC Retinol—> 8 weeks to 6 months
•Hyaluronic Acid—> Within minutes
•Niacinamide—> 12 weeks
•Rx Retinoids—> 6-8 weeks
•Botanical Lighteners like Kojic/licorice etc.—> 6-12 weeks
•Vitamin C—> 3+ weeks