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I really value pure BUT high performing ingredients when it comes to my skincare. Being able to recognize every single ingredient on the back of your skincare is pretty rare these days. While I do not strictly use natural or chemical free beauty items, I do tend to add them in to my regimen from time to time. I believe that changing up your skincare is not only beneficial for your skin but part of the fun of taking care of the largest organ of your body!

Zevie Pro is a small indie brand based out of sunny Los Angeles that truly understands the power of natural based ingredients. I originally found this line on Instagram and was impressed by there values. Zevie Pro's ingredients are all certified organic, anti-aging, and they never test on animals (100% cruelty free).

I have been using four of there products for almost two weeks now and wanted to share my initial thoughts and opinions with you today.

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Organic Herbal Hydration Face Mask, $26.40 (discounted from $44.00), 4fl oz.

The most unique part of this product is the texture. While light brown in color, it glides on velvety smooth with a consistency similar to pure aloe vera. If you have ever tried the high-end brand of Fresh, I would compare it most to the Black tea Instant Hydrating Face Mask in consistency. However, Zevie Pro's mask is 100% organic and much less in cost.

I put this mask on freshly cleansed skin in a thick layer evenly all over my face avoiding my eyes and lips. I immediately feel a warming sensation-which is surprising because there are no acids or other typical active ingredients that would cause this reaction. I leave the mask on for 10 minutes and rinse off. My skin looks noticeably brighter and even flushed. This would be great to use before an event or night out to achieve that lit from within glow.

Overall, I would rate this product a 3.5/5 because the warming sensation was a bit too strong for me, but the positive results were still noticeable.

Organic Jojoba Exfoliating Face Scrub, $22.80 (discounted from $38), 4fl oz.

Between the walnut shells and jojoba beads, this is my new favorite exfoliator. I always try to exfoliate three times a week to get rid of pore-clogging dirt and pollution. This leaves my skin very smooth/supple without over-drying. This face scrub contains aloe juice and lavender which balance and tone the skin. I also can't forget about the shea and cocoa butter that just drench your skin in moisture.

I would rate this face scrub a 5/5, because it provides my skin with a super satisfying grime-busting exfoliant and non-greasy moisture.

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Organic Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Gel, $33.60 (discounted from $56.00), 1fl oz.

This eye gel is said to reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and even wrinkles in addition to increasing your moisture levels.

I will say this eye gel is very refreshing and the perfect consistency for these hot summer days. I use one pump both morning and night. With one pump, you do get a decent amount of product so I massage the excess into my skin as well. I would actually be keen to using this all over my face as a serum. The Japanese Green Tea instantly soothes my skin and provides a spa-like scent that's not overwhelming. If you have severely dry under-eyes I would first apply this and then layer over a cream or balm on top.  During the day I still apply an eye cream on top with SPF 15.

I would rate this a 3/5, because the pump provides too much product that I am afraid I will run out of this 1 fl oz. too quickly. Eeeeek. However, the formula is great not just for the eyes.

Organic Supreme Renewing Serum, $36.00 (discounted from $60)

I have loved face oils ever since Jose Maran came out with her infamous Argan Oil. Now her serum is just one ingredient, 100% pure organic argan oil. This Supreme Renewing Serum by Zevie Pro, has five organic oils with argan oil being the first ingredient. Maybe you know, but if you didn't, the ingredient are listed in order of their concentrations.

Argan oil is known to drench the skin in hydration and protect your natural moisture barrier. The four other oils within this formula; jojoba, safflower, grape and rosemary oil are all skin loving ingredients that work simultaneously to give you firmer, softer, and more radiant looking skin.

I definitely give this little bottle of gold a 5/5. I would die of happiness if this came in a larger size because I would use this all over my body and hair.

Thank you to Zevie Pro for gifting me these items! I thoroughly enjoyed using and testing them and look forward to seeing new products you launch.

Feel free to follow them on Instagram @zeviepro.

Do you tend to gravitate towards natural or organic skincare? If so, what brand is your favorite?



*This is not a paid for advertisement. Products purchased by myself or are PR samples. My opinions are my own and completely honest.