Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, $28.00

I first heard about the Olaplex treatment from my hairstylist about a year ago. My hairstylist is absolutely wonderful and super knowledgable. If you are in the Los Angeles area I would HIGHLY recommend her. She told me all about the patented technology and how it is not just a deep conditioner that coats your hair but it actually repairs the hair shaft. Olaplex's patented technology relinks the broken disulfide bonds caused by heat, chemical, or mechanical damage to the hair. Olaplex's key technology works from within the hair shaft providing you with healthy texture, strengthened and protected hair.

I (professionals) have been coloring my hair for the past 10 years so my hair needs major strengthening to say the least. The last couple trips to the salon my hairstylist gave me the salon only Olaplex treatment. This treatment consists of two steps. The first step is with Olaplex's Bond Multiplier and your stylist will mix this in with your color or chemical service. This begins the process of repairing the broken disulfide bonds. After your stylist rinses out your hair color, he/she will apply Olaplex's Bond Perfector which is the second step to the treatment. This step continues to restore any broken bonds to ensure super healthy hair.

During these two steps you really don't know if anything is working but you are praying for great results. Once your hair is blown out and you touch your hair-I have to say its pretty unbelievable. My hair felt silky but not coated with any product. My hair continued to stay feeling strong after several washes. I have never received a salon treatment where this was the case.

For maintenance in between salon visits Olaplex now offers a customer friendly take-home product that includes the same patentented technology that the salon only treatment has. If your hair stylist offers the Olaplex treatment, he/she will probably have this on hand for you to take home. However, Sephora now carries this! I use this about once a week. There are several ways to apply this depending on time and effort. The easiest way to use is to wet your hair, towel dry, and apply from roots to ends and comb through. Then, leave it on for 10 minutes and shampoo/conditioner after. If you are looking for maximum results, wet your hair, then put it up in a top knot and leave it in while you sleep or if your having a lazy Sunday, for 6 hours.

I would love to know if you have experienced Olaplex and your thoughts!