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Recently my husband went to China on a business trip for two weeks. Before he left, I asked him to bring home some skincare items from a local drugstore or shop that HE thought would be interesting. I really wanted to be surprised instead of just giving him a list of items or brands I would like to try.

While my husband knows I love a good sheet mask, I was definitely not surprised when he came home with a bunch of them for me to try. I mean, when it comes to sheet masks–Asia is best in class and the true originators of the concept.

Let's get into the goodies....he brought me five different sheet masks to try which as you can image–I was thrilled about. It was basically Christmas morning when he unpacked these from his suitcase. While he did purchase these in China, some of these brands were made in Japan and Korea. I have tried each one of these except for the bottom right (black packaging). This one I am saving for a wedding this weekend. :)

The 3D mask stayed on my face the best because of the way it was constructed. It was as if the manufacturer put two pieces of a sheet mask and sewed them together vertically. Essentially, the mask gave you a contoured place for your nose and chin–much appreciated by me! I actually found this one on Amazon! Click here. From the same brand, HADABISEI, I found similar eye masks as well on Amazon. Click here.

Nick and I love to try skincare together. I normally am the one who insists on him trying new products, however, this time he was more than happy to apply this tiger mask. As you can probably guess, this was my favorite sheet mask. Not only because of the adorable tiger print, but it made our skin GLOW. It was so moisturizing but not messy at all. I am very happy to say that I have 8 more sheet masks left so I won't be left without for too long. Have you ever tried Pocky snacks before? They are mini breadsticks dipped in chocolate. Random, I know. This outer packaging was very reminiscent of that Pocky treat.

I could not find this exact product on Amazon, but I found the same brand and a different kind of sheet mask if you would like to try.

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The next set of products included; a lip balm, hand cream, facial moisturizer, and a lotion. The lip balm and hand cream were from the same brand, Appelles, which is actually an Australian brand. These were part of the hotel goodies he received while staying at The Opposite House.  Even though these products were exclusive to this hotel, it was fun to discover a new natural and eco-friendly brand.

After doing some research on Amazon I found out that the bottom left blue product was Hada Labo's Hyaluronic Lotion Moist. While I thought this was a micellar water, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of its true purpose. This type of product is similar to a lightweight serum in texture and is supposed to be applied after toner, or as your base to your other skincare every night. This is a Japan cult beauty product and to get the most out of this product I read that you should apply to thin cotton rounds and leave on your face for 3-5 minutes. This gives the Hyaluronic Acid time to be absorbed into your skin as it stays wetter–longer on the skin.

These products just made me fall in love with skincare all over again. Next time you are traveling abroad, I urge you to step outside your comfort zone and try new facial products!

Do you have any Asian or international beauty favorites? Please share in the comments, I would love to discover more!






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