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I get targeted for all sorts of things on Instagram. To be honest, I still get baby ads from planning my sister-in-laws baby shower last I am not pregnant.

Any who, I normally never buy something from Instagram ads until Billie came along. I have always hated how much razors costed but never jumped on the monthly subscription bandwagon with brands like; Dollar Shave Club, Harry's etc. The first thing that popped out at me was their beautiful instagram feed and the product packaging. What really sold me on trying them out was the price.

For $9 you get the razor, 2 razor heads, and a magnetic holder for your razor. (This price is in line with other men's razor subscription prices.) Then, YOU choose how often you would like 4 replacement heads to be shipped to you. (You can also cancel anytime.) You can choose, once a month, every two months, or every three months. The 4 replacement heads will ship to you for $9 with FREE shipping. I don't know about you, but I dread purchasing razor blade head replacements because of the price and extra trip to CVS etc. Replacement heads for my Venus razor were about $20. This is less than half the price and they deliver to you for free.

My starter kit came in VERY cute/trendy packaging which I of course appreciated.  I have to say that the aloe strips surrounding the razor head are luxurious and last very well shave after shave. I do not need shave cream or body wash to prep my skin before shaving. The handle is very ergonomic and sturdy. I picked the coral color, but the blush color is also really pretty!

In addition to the starter kit, I also decided to pickup their body lotion($12) to test out. The body lotion is very light with a matte finish. I only use this in the morning when I have to put on tight pants on like jeans or leggings. However, my legs need a lot of moisture so I still use a heavier moisturizer at night. The lotion is made out of grape seed and shea butter with no toxins, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. YAY.

Billie as a brand donates 1% of revenue to women's causes around the world. They are a female future driven company that I fully support.

What razor brand do you use? What are your thoughts on subscription beauty companies?