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I am an avid follower of celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess and when she announced in IG that she was unveiling an expansion of her line at Target, I screamed. Literally, I squealed of excitement in my house.  Thankfully no one was home. If you read my post on her first launch of products you will know how impressed I was with the packaging and formula. Keep reading to see my thoughts on a couple of her new launches!


Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray, 6.7oz, $14

This wave spray is unique in the sense that you use it on dry hair as a finishing step. Most wave sprays you use on damp hair that leaves a sort of grit and texture to your hair as it dries. Specifically, if you have tried Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray , then you know the type of feeling I am talking about. I use this when I curl my hair and spray sparingly on my curls. My favorite part of this spray is that it leaves your hair super soft and shiny. I have very damaged ends so it's nearly impossible to get any sort of shine. Sometimes with shine enhancing products, your hair is left limp with a film covering each strand. Instead, this wave spray leaves your hair comfortably soft with no residue. The day after I curl my hair, I noticed most of my curls have stayed in tack and transitioned into a wave. I spray the wave spray once again towards the bottom half of my hair and it just freshens the style so I can continue to not wash my hair. Gross? Maybe. But I prefer it this way.


Note the bun cap in the photo above. LOL.

Anytime Anywhere  Recovery Balm, 2oz, $14

As I said earlier, my hair is very damaged and in need of some TLC. This hair balm really spoke to me because it seems like a miracle product that can be used in multiple ways. This can be used to tame baby hairs, flyaways, and on dry ends. For more of a treatment, you can rub a generous amount of this between your palms and layer onto your hair. I recommend applying only from ear-length down to your ends. I recently used this as a treatment with the supplied bun 'hair cap' (so cute btw). I left this to work it's magic overnight and the bun hair cap did NOT fall out of my hair. My pillow was saved from unwanted residue and oil! The next morning, I washed and conditioned my hair like normal making sure I removed all the balm from my hair. After blowdrying, my hair felt very soft and nourished. I think another great way to use this would be if you are doing a slicked back bun/pony. You could concentrate it on the sides of your face to make sure there are no flyaways.

I would love to hear if you have tried anything out from Kristin Ess' line!

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