YOU GUYS...I finally got my paws on some DECIEM products! Deciem or the Abnormal Beauty Company has taken the beauty industry by storm. Highly efficacious formulas at drugstore prices AND chic packaging too-this brand is on fire. In June 2017, Estee Lauder purchased the company  and the outcome of that acquisition looks positive from a customers perspective. I say this because Deciem has been expanding rapidly both here in the states and globally with the most recent win for business at Sephora retail. Now you can visit their stand alone stores OR shop one of Deciem's brand, The Ordinary, on Within Deciem is a multitude of brands that contain functional, technologically savvy formulas. I recently was in London and got to visit one of their retail locations in Covent Garden. I picked up three products from two different brands within Deciem; The Ordinary and Niod. 

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, $5.90

I first picked up The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%. Niacinamide is known to brighten your skin tone and also decreases sebum (oil) production which can cause breakouts. I have a very oily T-zone so I was very interested in testing this out. Also, at that low price and high percentage I was VERY intrigued.


After cleansing my skin each morning and night, I apply one half of the dropper onto my hands then to my face. I focus directly on my T-zone first then blend to the rest of my face. I then finish with either my day or night moisturizer. My skin is left feeling a bit tacky but as soon as I apply a moisturizer that feeling goes away. I have noticed fewer breakouts around my chin so currently I am very impressed. I will definitely be re-purchasing when I finish this bottle.


I really adore the dropper bottle. For that price, it cannot be beat. Also, I like that it is in a glass container and not plastic. This little guy looks super simplistic on my mirrored vanity shelf.


With the first ingredient being water, the formula is very fluid. Niacinamide and Zinc are both the second and fourth ingredient which means these are also in high concentration. The only negative is that after you apply the serum your skin is a bit sticky to the touch. I would never just wear this on it's own because of that. I recommend a moisturizer or another serum on top to dissipate that feeling.

Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%, $30

I purchased this product off of a recommendation from Youtuber Jamie Genevieve. Watching Jamie apply this to her skin, there was an obvious glow even through the computer screen I was looking at. After watching her demo the product, I was immediately sold.  I picked this up to be used underneath my foundation or even on no makeup days. The product cost is on the higher end but for many good reasons. This product contains many different technologies.

Photo above, swatched two drops of product under direct sunlight.


I apply two to three pea-sized drops onto my fingertips and gently massage into moisturized clean skin. On days that I do not wear makeup, I apply my SPF on top. I tested applying SPF first then this, but the glow was too intense for me. My absolute favorite way to apply is mixed in with my liquid foundation.  I pump one full drop of my YSL All Hours Full Coverage Foundation onto my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (favorite when applying this foundation) and three drops of the Photography Fluid right on top. Then, I focus blending the combination on the center of my face first then outwards. I need the most coverage on my nose, chin, and forehead so using this technique works best. I am left with super radiant or lit from within glow that is so beautiful. The Photography Fluid really enhances any skin tone and compliments any skin type. This is a MUST if you are looking for a major upgrade in your skin appearance instantly.

Photo above, blended product under direct sunlight.


Again, the glass dropper FTW. The darkness of the bottle I assume has to do with compatibility issues so the formula is not compromised under sunlight or artificial light on a retail shelf. *Tip, be careful when putting the dropper back into the container as the product will build up around the top of the bottle and can overflow. If that happens, just take a makeup wipe or tissue and remove the excess so the packaging stays clean.


OK, this is the good stuff guys. This product contains seven different technologies. From light refraction, chromatic radiance, to camera hue, and other support technologies, this formula is super sophisticated. Let's talk about two of my favorite ones. Nano-Prismatic Yellow-Red Hue Corrector is a life saver if you take a lot of photos. This technology contains ultra-fine hue corrector that blacks out any red and yellow tones so your skin looks fab both on and off camera. My other favorite technology is Nano-Prismatic Blurring Suspension. As you can tell from the title, this technology uses super fine prisms to 'fake' the look of perfect-looking skin while blurring the look of pores.

Matte 12, $14

Matte 12 is part of the finisher collection under the Hylamide brand. With the never ending search of a primer that controls oil without over-drying I picked up this. Matte 12 takes a new look on controlling oil and minimizing pore size. Most mattifying products contain a combination of Talc, Starch, Silica etc. Those ingredients bind to water and not oil which can cause over-drying. Matte 12 uses elastic spherical polymers that bind to oil to decrease any dryness on the skin.


I use this product as I would use any primer, just before applying my liquid foundation. I apply just a pea-size amount to my fingers and blend onto my T-Zone and to the outer points of my face. Immediately, my skin looks and feels like porcelain. It is truly remarkable and I am instantly in love. I then apply my foundation on top. To my surprise there is no pilling or balling which can sometimes happen with a oil-free (silicone based) primer. I normally get oily within the first hour of wearing any foundation. This keeps me oil-free but with a natural finish for six hours. For me, this is incredible.

Picture above, shows product blended out on clean skin in direct sunlight.


The small tube is very handy for traveling. I personally like this plastic squeeze tube for application as well. It is mess free and easy to dispense product without over applying and wasting product.


As I said earlier, the elastic spherical polymers bind to oil and not water so this formula can be used by even the driest skin types. This could be a complete life saver if you have uneven texture or visible pores but can't use any traditional mattifying products because they are too drying. The formula is velvety to the touch and very breathable on the skin.

Have you tried any Deciem products yet? Which one are you most interested in learning more about?