Lush Jelly Mask | Review

Birth of Venus| Jelly Face Mask, $13.95

As you know, any chance I get to visit a Lush store, I take it! I am an avid mask user and usually gravitate towards my trusty sheet masks. I saw that Lush came out with something very new to me and they are Jelly Masks. How cool, right? Anyway, I picked up Birth of Venus because I have seen some unwanted texture on my skin and this advertised smooth and calm results.

The Process:

I have never used a 'jelly' mask like this before so I definitely followed the directions to a tea ("T"??). I pinched off about a quarter sized worth of jelly with dry hands and rubbed the product between my fingers making a lotion-like texture. Then, I applied as evenly as I could to my freshly cleansed-dry skin. I waited 10 minutes...did some laundry. The mask did not dry down so there was no tightness on the skin. (Usually, I use the tightness as a timer/reminder to take the mask off.) I tried to rinse the mask off with warm water using just my hands but it was not effective at all. I grabbed a washcloth and ran it under the warm water and MUCH more efficiently removed the mask.


These little tubs are very reminiscent of their other fresh mask containers except these are clear. It's nice to see the bright blue product peeking through whilst on my bathroom vanity. With a twist off cap and 100% recycling packaging, you really can't go wrong.


This formula and texture is not only cool but very on trend within the beauty industry. Gel and jelly masks are everywhere! The blue color is eye-catching, and didn't look weird (alien) to me on my skin. The unique texture is fun to put on, however, it does not go on evenly. I STRUGGLED so hard trying to spread it evenly. I ended up having more transparent areas than opaque. After looking at videos of people using this product, I realize that this is actually not a negative. I am just really used to a clay formula that layers effortlessly. I really enjoyed the fresh scent. This formula does contain fresh rose petals, but that is not the main note I smell. The fresh sea-water tones is what sticks out to me and is delightful. The whole range of jelly masks will last you a good two months while the fresh masks might only last two weeks before expiration.

Yay or Nay?

Yes, this product is very fun to use. I felt that my skin did appear brighter looking immediately after rinsing it off. I don't know if someone else would notice, but I could tell. This product is all about the experience. The main selling point for me was the texture and formula. I was not expecting amazing results.  For $13.95, this is definitely a 'yay' and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to have fun and do something different with their skincare regimen.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Lush's Jelly Mask, Birth of Venus. Please let me know what you are loving from Lush and if you are ready for the upcoming Christmas Lush launches!