Lush | Haul

As you know, Lush is one of my happiest (retail) places in the world. Recently, I received these two cuties from my family! Alas, my obsession for rose scented bath products continues.


Rose Jam Shower Gel is a limited edition product that was recently released for Christmas. No surprise here-I used this product the same way I would use any other body gel. The aroma is definitely within the rose family but with a vanilla punch. The shower gel bubbled up slightly but generally stayed within it's gel consistency. So if you are looking for a rich lather, I would look for Lush's Soaps instead. I thoroughly enjoyed using this pre-shave. The scent only lingered for roughly 5 minutes post shower.


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is one of Lush's best seller's. While the product is new to me, it has been with Lush for quite some time.  The trend of in-shower 'lotions' popped up only a couple years ago. I have seen many brands come out with their own version especially within the drugstore space. I tried Nivea's In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion  this past spring and I really enjoyed the application process and texture.  Based on my reaction to Nivea's, I was excited to try Lush's.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is very reminiscent of a body butter in texture. This is applied as a last step before you get out of the shower. The first time I used it, I opened the container and immediately the rose scent filled the shower. I have to say the smell is absolutely indulgent. I used about a quarter size amount of product and focused it on the bottom half of my legs and upper arms/elbows. These are the areas on my body that I am most dry. Then, I quickly rinsed my skin one last time before hopping out of the shower. *Tip, after getting out of the shower, instead of quickly wiping water off your skin, gently pat your skin carefully not to remove any excess product. My skin felt so soft and the scent lasted all day on my skin without being overpowering.

If you are rose obsessed like me, I would highly recommend either of these for your in shower experience.