St. Tropez|Review

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Days are getting longer and the heat is rising. Summer is by far my favorite season. Not only is my birthday coming up, but we have a couple vacations soon. Oh, and the Southern California sunsets don't hurt either.

Since I became obsessed with taking care of my skin, I have been trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Now don't get me wrong, a little vitamin D is great for you and your mood, but no one has time for a sunburn.

I have tried numerous self tanners from the drugstore to high end brands. St. Tropez is my favorite brand thus far. It lasts, does not streak, and the color is a natural (olive under-toned) tan. I apply to clean/dry skin after exfoliating in the shower right before bed. Here are a few of the products from their collection.

Newest to my tanning routine is this Wash Off Face and Body Lotion. I use this when I have not been self-tanning and I just need color for an event. The color is delivered via silicon so it does not streak if you get wet.  I found that I had to use a washcloth with body wash to remove it because using just my hands wasn't removing it. I feel confident this will stay put while I am in the water on my upcoming vacation. My tip for using it on your face is to mix it with your primer then follow with your foundation.

 If you have been self-tanning for a while and consider yourself somewhat of a pro, I would recommend this Bronzing Mist. The reason why, is because it has a 360° nozzle which lessens control over a specific area. However, if you live alone, this is perfect for getting the middle of your back (a.k.a. the spot I ALWAYS miss). I highly recommend spraying in even layers and blending with the Tan Applicator Mitt for flawless application. Also, this is best applied in your bathroom or shower where you can easily clean the walls as this ends up everywhere.

 Okay, this is by far my favorite self-tanning product, Bronzing Mousse in Dark. This looks great on all skin tones. I am pretty fair and this does not make me look like an orange oompa loompa. I apply one to two pumps on the Tan Applicator Mitt to every part of my body starting with my legs first and ending on my chest/neck. The formula is very easy to blend and dries quick without feeling heavy or 'gross'. You can also layer if you are looking to deepen the color. If you were to buy just one self-tanner the rest of your life, I would 100% recommend this one.

 Self Tan Express is perfect if you have time to self tan before an event occurring the same day. I do have to say that the color is not as pigmented as the Bronzing Mousse in Dark. I assume it is because you are not leaving it on for as long before rinsing off. However, the application/blend-ability is the same. Personally, I would just do the Wash Off Face and Body Lotion if you are short on time because you do not need to shower/exfoliate prior to application.

 I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and comments on St. Tropez Self -Tanning products.

What are your favorite self-tanners?