Spring Lush|Haul

Yes, again I have found myself in another Lush store. This time, I am lusting over the new design adorned on their paper bags. I SO prefer these over the original branding.

I usually end up walking out with at least four bath bombs, but this time I was looking for new items I haven't tried before.

This golden beauty was first to land in my basket. The plastic-free glitter intrigued me. This Golden Egg is a bath bomb melt which contains organic cocoa butter and olive oil to moisturize your skin. This completely rehydrated my skin leaving me to forgo any lotion that day. I highly recommend if you have dry skin whatsoever.

This Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub smells like jasmine flowers. It contains sea salt which naturally buffs away dead skin to reveal smooth flake-free skin. I personally use this before self-tanner because it leaves no residue making the self-tanner adhere and last longer.

Warm, cozy scents always attract me no matter what time of the year. With traveling a lot lately, anything that won't leak or spill is perfect. This solid perfume is tiny but packs a punch. Vanillary Solid Perfume has notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and burnt caramel. Apply on your wrists and behind the ears to evoke a scrumptious scent.

Blackberry Bath Bomb is by far my FAVORITE bath product of all time. This was actually the first bath bomb I ever purchased. It has a berry scent that is balanced by bergamot oil so it's not too sweet. The next time you go to Lush, please buy this and let me know how you like it!

I have been experiencing congestion throughout my T-zone so I  was looking for a detoxing mask. BB Seaweed face mask contains finely ground almonds to exfoliate your skin (and my pesky blackheads). Seaweed has many benefits for your skin, hair, and body. Keep this face mask in the fridge as it is only lasts a couple weeks.


What are your favorite products from Lush?