Target Beauty|Haul


Target has recently been stepping up it's beauty game. With small korean and UK brands infiltrating their aisles, I was "forced" to try out the latest goodies. Ok, no force was necessary, but these four products screamed my name.

According to InStyle, these Ariul masks sell every 8 seconds in Korea. I mean, come on. These were located under their natural skincare section. I personally love the price point at $20 for all seven sheet masks. I am a consistent sheet mask lover and this is a great deal. I think having a variety on hand is great because everyone's skin is constantly changing. Depending on what your skin needs that day, there is a solution in a mask.

While perusing in the same natural skincare aisle, I saw this Magic Stone Cleansing Soap. I have never been intrigued to try a solid "bar soap-like" cleanser before until now. Normally, I love a gel or cream cleanser because something about the lather makes me feel like it's doing a good job ridding my pores of dirt. I immediately went home to try this out. I was surprised that this "hockey-puck" soap bar lathers pretty good. The scent is very Ayurvedic and natural. It left my skin clean but not tight and dry. I would still recommend removing your makeup first if you wear a full-coverage foundation daily. Lately, I leave this bar out on my bathroom counter to create a spa-like environment that is heavenly.

Zoella is one of my favorite  UK based beauty YouTuber's, so when I saw her line of bath products at my local Target I did a little happy dance in the aisle. Everyone who knows me, knows I love to take baths and more importantly use bath bombs. This Fizz Bar is essentially the same effect as the bath bombs from Lush but in a brick form. You can either use one or both squares, depending on how adventurous you are. The packaging is so adorable with the little pink polk-a-dots. When I opened the package, a warm-deep fragrance rushed to my nose. I have yet to try this out, but will definitely snap a quick video for you.

Supposedly snail slime has great benefits for your skin. Yes, snail slime. Snail Slime helps treat dull, lackluster skin and helps improve loss of elasticity. This mask claims to increase your skin's moisture level by 60% in just 24 hours. That is a pretty hefty claim if you ask me. This sheet mask contains two main ingredients; 5% snail slime extract and baobab tree extract. After doing some research I learned that this particular mask has patented technology that helps prevent moisture evaporation from leaving the skin. Thus, giving the active ingredients to absorb into the skin-very cool. I can't wait to break this open tonight. Stay tuned on my instagram @alyssaciffone to see a live demo!