Nature Republic|Review

While wondering around the mall doing the usual post-holiday returns, I stumbled upon a beauty brand store I have never heard of. The esthetic of the space intrigued me at first seeing lots of green and wood. I of course gravitated to the sheet masks and picked up one that contained gold. I have heard about the healing properties of gold, but have never tried anything infused with it. I also picked up a what appears to be a Biore strip look-a-like blackhead removing nose strip. I suffer from stubborn blackheads that continually come back. The packaging is really playful, which I love. Last but not least, a couple of hand creams for my dry over-washed hands.

This puppy was really fun to try out. This Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask  was really interesting. This mask claims to have a whitening and tightening effect targeting dark spots and sun damage. This two piece mask has a jelly-like feel which I prefer to a paper sheet mask. I had it on for about 20-25 minutes and  when I removed it my skin felt hydrated. I noticed that there was not an excess amount of 'goop' on my skin after I removed the  mask. This meant that my skin really drank up that moisture it needed. The one thing I didn't like was the scent. It smelled of a synthetic floral of some sort that just didn't agree with me. Other than that, I enjoyed the experience and appreciated the accelerated absorption qualities.

I mean look at that cute little elephant! This blackhead clear nose pack was too adorable to pass up. I do have to say that it didn't hold up to the Biore strip efficiency. Unfortunately, it did  not remove nearly as many blackheads as I was expecting. For no I will remain loyal to Biore.

Dry hands be gone! I personally love these. The honey hand cream smells of nice natural honey scent and the cherry blossom  scent is sweet enough to make you smile. Both are thicker than I was expecting. The formula is really luxurious and stays put even after washing your hands. These little guys will remain happily in my purse and on my nightstand.